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The New Generation of Radio  

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Nederland FM is a German national public radio station that broadcasts in over 60 countries worldwide. It is the third largest radio network in Germany and can be found in English in the iTunes Store. It is hosted by Rainer Baier and has been in existence since 1977. It began as a classical music station, but it has grown in recent years to include a number of talk shows, music videos, and sport highlights. Currently it offers music through iPods, CD players, and online streaming.

Nederland FM is run by Rainer Baier who started out in radio as a teenager in communist Germany in the early 80s. He was a member of Die Werkself, which is still popular today. While there he also began a vinyl record label, started his own small advertising agency, and negotiated deals with international companies for the rights to sell their products through his label. Because of these accomplishments, he was offered a post at a U.S. based German radio station, but chose instead to move to Nederland FM. There he became one of the first openly gay voices on German television.

In the early days of Nederland FM, music for radio was quite limited due to the fact that only listeners had access to the programming. Today the focus is on digital transmissions instead of analog. In addition, many music channels have been added that focus on musical experiences outside of Germany. These include jazz, blues, alternative, R&B, and world music. In addition, there are several news and information programs that include local political and social news events, as well as weather forecasts and climate information.

In addition to regular music programs, Nederland FM offers sports coverage. They have been successful at making this happen. For the football season, they have launched Nederland Kickoff, a competitive soccer league. The local soccer club joined in and now broadcasts directly to over forty-two countries. Nederland Football Sunday is another program that broadcasts directly to fans. This program features local matches from all of the major leagues in Europe.

During the summer, Nederland FM offers a variety of music programs. These include Jazz Festival, which features music from various jazz bands, as well as other cultural activities including theater and dance performances. They also have an annual summer concert, which is widely popular among foreigners. It features popular Spanish bands and artists.

On the international side of Nederland FM, they continue to expand their programming with more languages and offerings. In addition to English, they also have French, German, and Portuguese language programming. In addition, they offer a number of different languages. German, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish are some of the most popular. Many listeners in the United States listen to German and Portuguese, as well as English, on the radios.

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