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Dr. Bridgett McBride

Meet the Visionary

Dr. Bridgett McBride

After years of working in Fortune 500 companies, I realized I wasn’t reaching my goals, both professionally and financially.  After much research obtained through providing bookkeeping and other financial services to entrepreneurs like myself, I realized that along with financial expertise, you must approach your emotional relationship with money and finances differently.

The bigger question was how to transfer my knowledge onto my clients and the general population the importance of not just having money but how to plan, strategize and invest money through a financial strategic path.   How do I express the correlation between mindset and how we think about money and the difference between total package of financial planning?

I began to expand my services from bookkeeping and accounting consulting to assisting businesses, not for profits, and individuals better understand their relationships with finances and to provide the coaching, training, and education to assist them in reaching their goals.

While working on my doctorate degree, I established partnerships with companies that provide private equity investments, credit counseling, investment training, and financial education.